A driving force for carbon capture and storage

CLIMIT has played a central role in the development of the world’s most dynamic research environments for CCS. Close cooperation with the industry has been a critical success factor.


CLIMIT has released its annual report for 2019

CLIMIT's 2019 Annual Report presents a handful of the many projects the program is funding. This gives a picture of some of the results created through CLIMIT.


Improved environmental knowledge about amine-based CO2 capture

A CLIMIT supported project on basic research and development of important knowledge about amine reactions in the atmosphere, has doubled the knowledge database on atmospheric amine chemistry.


CO2 DataShare launches digital data sharing portal

CO2 DataShare launches an online, digital platform for sharing reference datasets from pioneering CO2 storage projects. This can contribute to even more cost-effective and secure CO2 storage.


CO2 storage can be combined with EOR

An international CLIMIT-supported project led by the University of Bergen has exciting results on CO2 storage combined with increased oil production (EOR).


New models for cost effective CO2 storage

The Norwegian research institute NORCE has developed new models for CO2 storage that can lead to more cost-effective CO2 storage.