The programme is aimed at industry, research institutes, universities, and colleges. Often in collaboration with international companies and research institutions, CLIMIT aims to promote well-functioning and cost-effective climate solutions.
Programme Board Meetings
The programme board allocates grants according to a recommendation from Gassnova and the Research Council of Norway.

CLIMIT Demos projects (active)

58 CLIMIT (active)
95 Technical participants
58 Projects
95 Technical participants
22 Countries involved
276 CLIMIT Financing (MNOK)
164 Co Financers



CLIMIT SUMMIT 2023 – Longship Sails on
CLIMIT SUMMIT 2023 – Longships Sails on: Celsio
CLIMIT SUMMIT 2023 – Longship Sails on: Brevik CCS
CLIMIT SUMMIT 2023 – Longship Sails on: Northern Lights