Well Barrier Integrity Test Unit – BTU

Well control for CO2 Wells

Unloading system for direct CO2 injection

Viser CO2-lagring. Foto.

The eXRES project deals with the development of new technology for real-time logging of formation resistivity for our core drilling equipment, aimed at CCS

Downhole data collection equipment for safe storage of CO2 and more efficient drilling operations

The illustration and text is from the Norwegian Petroleum Department (NPD).

HPC-simulation software for the gigatonne-storage challenge, phase 2

Tverrsnitt av simulert CO2. Grafisk illustrasjon.

Cross section of simulated CO2 composition in 2050 based on the Sleipner field model accessible from co2datashare.org. 

Extended High Resolution (XHR) Seismikk for Kartlegging og Monitorering av CO2 reservoarer.

Viser CO2-lagring. Foto.

CO2 Monitoring: test of seismic processing workflow on passive seismic and methods for co- interpretation of seismic and non-seismic data in the offshore

Viser CO2-lagring. Foto.

Norway and UK cross boundary initiative towards a climate motivated drilling operation in the North Sea (Joint Drilling – Step 2)

Phase 3 of the Seismic Monitoring Network for the Horda Platform Region (H-Net) Project

View west from the HNAR seismic recording station HNB4 at Holsnøy.