CCUS Mid-Norway, Industrial Cluster for CO2 Capture and Transport in Mid-Norway – Phase 2

Person som fanger CO2 med hendene. Foto.

Offshore CCS at Draugen field

Viser CO2-lagring. Foto.

Utvidet mulighetsstudie – konsept og ‘basis of design’ for to prototype verdikjeder i halvindustriell skala

Elkem CCS

Offshore CCS

CO2 reductions at the Slagen refinery

A mature woman in her 40s wearing a reflective vest and hardhat, talking on a walkie-talkie working at a shipping port. Large cranes for lifting cargo containers are out of focus in the background.


Feasibilty Study – CCS-cluster at Øra and regionally Phase 1

“Techno-Economic Feasibility Study of the Implementation of Carbon Capture from Major Emission Sources at Preemraff Lysekil” (PREEM CCS)

CCS klynga på Øra (CCS cluster in Øra industry and harbor area)