Apply for funding

The CLIMIT programme provides financial support for development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. The programme is a collaboration between Gassnova SF and the Research Council of Norway.

The CLIMIT program provides support in several ways


Fixed calls every year. The call is published in May with application deadlines in September and October. Award in December each year. Applications are evaluated by the expert panel as well as the CLIMIT secretariat.

Also offers smaller calls on event support, researcher exchanges and participation projects (participation in strategically important international forums.


Open calls – application deadlines approx. two months before each program board meeting. Applications are evaluated by experts in the CLIMIT Secretariat.

Provides support (up to NOK 100,000) for professional meetings and workshops – ongoing assessment and awards.

Idea study scheme 2019

The aim of the scheme is to help increase the pace of innovation in CO2 management by supporting early phase idea development. Special reference is made to CLIMIT’s programme plan 2017-22 – focus area C – Future CO2 management solutions contribute to the development of CO2 management technology and solutions for future energy markets.

It is expected that new technology concepts will allow for significant cost reductions. This requires conscious effort throughout the development chain from research to piloting. There are several technologies with a low technical maturity level that can reduce costs such as process simplification or process integration, reduced size and lower environmental footprint »

Performance target: To develop more competitive, cost-effective and secure CO2 management technology to an increased level of maturity

About the scheme

Up to NOK 200,000 can be applied to projects to carry out technical calculations, cost estimates, patent applications, conduct workshops / “creative processes”. The projects will provide the basis for a decision on further investment and any necessary documentation for a regular application to CLIMIT. Applications will fall under ESA’s opportunity studies category. Small, medium and large companies can receive up to 70%, 60% and 50% support share. Case management will be conducted by the CLIMIT Secretariat under full confidentiality.

Criteria for evaluating applications

  • The potential of the technology/method for cost reduction
  • HSE improvement and industrial implementation
  • Adequate documentation of the theoretical basis of the idea
  • Anchored in CLIMIT’s program plan and the regulations of CLIMIT R&D and Demo


Use the application form below and send it to Applications are processed on an ongoing basis and the support scheme is open until the end of 2019, with a total budget of NOK 2 million.

Applications can be submitted for several different types of projects:

Researcher projects (FP)

Are basic research which yields new knowledge that can be used in further developing products and services. Researcher projects often use doctorate-level expertise.

Expertise projects for business and industry (KPN)

That contribute to commercial research, researcher training and long-term expertise development in Norwegian research communities. Such projects are based on identified needs for new knowledge on the part of Norwegian enterprises.

Innovation projects in business and industry (IPN)

And Development projects targeting business and industry players, and including projects that generate knowledge and skills for development of new or improved products or services.

Pilot and demonstration projects

Which are the final step before commercialisation of new products and services, and can include building facilities to test new technology.

Other support

Can include preliminary projects, support for international collaboration, or participation in strategically important international forums.