CLIMIT R&D is the Research Council’s programme for development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. Applicants can apply for funding for R&D projects within the field of CCS.

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) provides advice on research policy, finances research and creates forums.

The Research Council of Norway shall add value to the research regime by realising research that individual players cannot achieve on their own.

CCS is one of several technologies that can make substantial contributions towards reducing global CO2 emissions. CCS encompasses the capture, transport and storage of CO2. This technology is available now, but more R&D is needed to make the processes more cost-effective. The objective is for extensive R&D through the CLIMIT programme to help commercialise CCS technology, and the activities must be in line with the commitment areas described in CLIMT’s programme plan.

In brief, CO2 will be captured, i.e. cleaned, from major emission sources such as coal and gas power plants and industrial facilities. The CO2 will then be transported via pipelines or ships to a suitable storage location where the CO2 will be injected and stored safely in specific types of geological formations.

Applications to the Research Council of Norway must be submitted in connection with announcements with established deadlines. There are usually several announcements during the year; however, the largest announcement of research and expertise projects normally takes place in the autumn, with a typical application deadline at the beginning of September.

CLIMIT’s R&D supported projects received NOK 109 million in 2018, and these funds were allocated from the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.